A Bridge Too Far?

After the publication of 48 Moons, which has received a couple of very good reviews on Amazon, but needs revision to sort out the basic errors that I made and which I am working on. It is very easy to read what you think you wrote rather than what you did write. I shall attend the London Book Fair in April to see if I can get a publisher interested. I set myself the goal of writing ten thousand words a month for the next two years to complete two books. I have written twenty thousand words, but it is much harder to do than I thought especially when combined with a full time job, working 50 to 60 hours a week. In real terms it is the equivalent of writing a dissertation every month for two years.

The next book is the erotic novel I’d planned, page after page of assorted sex in every conceivable way needed to be spiced up so I wrote in a serial killer, who may or may not be one of the central characters or may be a parallel character. I shall be discussing investigation structure with an old friend soon, who worked in the Metropolitan Police Force, I have a little experience as I actually knew a serial killer. I did not know he was a serial killer at the time, it was only when the trial happened I realised. The other book I am working on is a simple revenge story, but the research is opening new doors and is challenging.

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