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I completed my MA in Creative Writing in 2017 and attended the graduation ceremony in the Rose Theatre, Kingston in January 2019. Since completing the course I have submitted two paintings to the Royal Academy for inclusion in the Summer Exhibition. Both were rejected. The one for the Summer of 2020 is nearly finished. The initial goal would be to get the second round. As for writing I wrote a couple of poems and submitted them to a competition but they did not make the short list. I have been working on since 2017 and have now completed nearly 105,000 words and the first basic edit. I will finish it in the next 10,000 words then the hard part starts. A book pointed out to me by my wife which was reviewed in the Sunday Times has made me think about “Character Arc” and has concepts I shall apply to the edit. My travels have taken me to the Caribbean and Bali. I also found that many ideas and plot revisions come when walking the dog in the tranquil mornings.

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Official photograph was taken by Stuart Franklin, former President of Magnum Photos, and world renown for his photograph of the “Tank Man in Tianamen Square”, which has been listed in the top forty of the most powerful photographs ever taken. He is a friend and fellow Leonard Cohen fan. His work can be seen at