Still on target.

Though I am slowly revising my first novel, correct errors which occurred or which were my fault, I have managed to write 30,000 words since December, staying on my ambitious target of 10,000 words a month. This is split between six threads in two different books giving me the option of writing whatever I feel like in which ever story I want. This does make some aspects easier, but does mean that continuity, timelines and such have to be checked. The London Book Fair is six weeks away and I would like to have the revision finished and a good sample to take with me as I search for a publisher, but with one novel complete and over 100,000 more words written I think I can prove myself. The difference for anyone who cares is from the work I started years ago and from which the excerpt on the site is taken. I was too late to book the seminars as all the places had gone, but I might get something on the day.

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