The Dawn is Fast Approaching

Full time employment will end in a few weeks. I started work aged 17 in 1971. There have been many changes along the way, but now is the time to go I just had to convince myself. I will concentrate on my writing and the difficult task of getting an agent and from there a publisher. I have learnt I need to “trim the fat” from my writing and am exceedingly grateful to the people who have pointed me in the right direction, but who have also told me I can write. I have taken my novel “48 Moons” back to the drawing board and started to cut it without mercy. So far I have cut around fifty percent. Apparently every writer needs a large “bin” and to recite the mantra “Cut, cut and cut again” Like a witch from Macbeth with a highlight text and delete button next to the cauldron. If such action works for winners of the Booker Prize and comes as advice from publishers and literary reviewers, as a mere novice then I listen and I cut. At least I get to reshape the novel as I originally intended when I had the idea three years ago. All other writing which, my own admission suffers from the same surfeit of words has been put on hold while I resolve the problem.

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