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After the Book Fair it became apparent that I would need an agent, I was fortunate enough to go the Festival of Writing in York and have interviews with two agents. I attended several workshops and learnt a lot. I should have gone for the entire weekend, but I am trying to get an agent. If I succeed that is just the beginning, they then have to get a publisher and the odds of writing a manuscript and seeing it as a physical book are about 1 in 50. Add to that the fact that in the next five years the probability of having bookstores on the High Street will alter, and not for the better. I have some advantages in that I do have follow ups and more material. I shall go to the Writers Workshop Festival again. One of their Creative Writing teachers for their courses is someone I went to school with over 50 years ago. The other major factor is that I shall retire from my full time occupation soon and concentrate on my writing.

I have worked full time for over 43 years, and am now going to metaphorically “run away and join the circus” it will be a challenge, but I will have the time to do it. Writing and getting published is one of my last unfulfilled ambitions, well the last major one apart from seeing my work filmed. When I wrote “48 Moons” about a year into the project I started to envisage certain people as potential for the leading role.

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