The Story Continues

The revised version of “48 Moons” with many of the errors corrected is now on Amazon Kindle. I have submitted it to a publisher along with three other projects that I am working on at the moment.

The London Book Fair was a learning curve and the mainstream publishers won’t look at unsolicited work. If my submissions fail I will probably look for an agent in the summer and having looked at the criteria for getting an agent it appears to be harder than getting a job. There are many aids to e publishing and vanity publishing all designed for the fact that the author pays for the privilege. This is something that I am not going to subscribe to, though I might get the software to format the work myself. The W. H. Smith “Kobo” e platform and the American Barnes & Noble “Nook” are now open for self-publication from a basic format, which I shall explore. My next two books are well under way with the next one about one third written. I find it exciting, as it has a “who done it” element, which is a surprise because as yet I don’t know and I am the one creating the characters and writing the story. The other story a complex tale of revenge has revealed many fascinating facts as I research things leading into all sorts of interesting places.

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