48 Moon update

Following the harsh reality check given to me by agents and a publisher I have re-edited the book cutting about thirty percent. I will go through it again add some more dialogue and put it on Amazon as the 3rd Edition. As the Second, Third and Fourth books I’m working on all probably suffer from the same faults I shall be looking at them over the oncoming months. In the meantime whilst on holiday I started making notes on a project I had thought up several years ago. The inspiration for it came from “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Alexander Solzenitsyn, and a very underrated book by Mario Puzo called “The Fortunate Pilgrim” This will comprise of Five Novellas, a format re-established by Stephen King. It is also my intention to hone my craft by studying for a Masters Degree in Creative Writing starting in the Autumn.


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Official photograph was taken by Stuart Franklin, former President of Magnum Photos, and world renown for his photograph of the “Tank Man in Tianamen Square”, which has been listed in the top forty of the most powerful photographs ever taken. He is a friend and fellow Leonard Cohen fan. His work can be seen at www.stuartfranklin.com