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“48 Moons, A Post Apocalyptic Journal” is now finished, over one hundred and forty eight thousand words, The editing was far harder than I thought, I had problems with continuity, I was unable to structure it the way I had originally planned it and no one else could do it as they would not have been as involved in it or understood it. It has taken over two years to write. I have put an Excerpt from a novel I started around twenty years ago on this site. I have edited it slightly. It forms part of what I hope will be the fourth novel, and I have written about a third of it, although it needs considerable revision.

Next I shall start on two novels at the same time, but as one is about an erotic and tumultuous affair, I don’t think I can concentrate on that for years show I shall write another in parallel which will be totally different and then I can switch between the two.





4 comments on “Gary’s Project News
  1. Mike says:

    Like the excerpt Gary, I was half expecting your future projects to be described as a trilogy in four parts! Lol

    • admin says:

      a trilogy in four parts has already been done by the late Douglas Adams (I have a signed copy of “So Long and thanks for all the Fish). I am planning four books none are related, the second has sex and violence, the third violence, and the fourth which is half done violence and sex but needs overhauling. Seems the weather is nice I suppose you’ll be out on the course, That reminds me go to furhatworld and you can get coonskin driver covers! Spread the word. Work on your handicap and enjoy. I shall be seeing Ginger in 5 weeks

  2. Sharona says:

    Great website Gaz! Very exciting!

  3. Parul says:

    Wow Gary how exciting! Good website and seems like an interesting project going on here

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