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After just over two years, my first novel “48 Moons” is available from “Amazon” globally.

It is being reviewed by “Smashwords” prior to going on their Premium list for the US Market, which includes Barnes & Noble and Apple. There are are few things I should have done including crediting myself for the artwork. I have learnt that you can download a Kindle reader for a PC or Mac and I now have one so I can read my own book in the same format as everyone else.

It occurred to me I may have to rewrite parts of it if Hilary Clinton wins the next Presidential election. So a second edition would be different, but that is several years in the future.

I’ll need to work on a marketing strategy if I am to succeed. At the moment there are plenty of ideas and I am starting to work on them. I am not going to stay in the same genre, if an idea comes and I have the ability to write it I will. I do not want to write the same plot with different characters over and over again.

Now the book is available I hope that people enjoy it. As the author I read it many times and still enjoyed it, none of it bored me, even though I knew what was going to happen.

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